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Blood Bank

Welcome to the Blood Bank at Carmel Hospital! Our Blood Bank is a critical part of our healthcare system, providing safe and timely blood products to our patients in need.

Our team of experienced and highly trained professionals works tirelessly to ensure that our blood supply is safe, adequate, and readily available to meet the needs of our patients. We follow strict protocols and standards to ensure the safety of our blood products, from the collection and testing of blood to the distribution and administration of blood products.

At Carmel Hospital’s Blood Bank, we provide a wide range of blood products, including whole blood, red blood cells, platelets, and plasma. We also offer specialized blood products for patients with unique needs, such as rare blood types, neonatal and pediatric patients, and patients with immune deficiencies.

Our team is committed to providing exceptional service and care to our patients. We understand the critical nature of our work and take pride in providing high-quality blood products to our patients in need. We work closely with other healthcare professionals to ensure that our patients receive the best possible care and outcomes.

At Carmel Hospital’s Blood Bank, we are dedicated to the safety and wellbeing of our patients. We follow the highest standards of safety and adhere to strict regulations and protocols to ensure the quality and safety of our blood products. Thank you for considering our Blood Bank for your healthcare needs.